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Adrian Sanabria

451 Research
Senior Security Analyst
Knoxville, TN
Equally comfortable performing a pentest, designing an infosec program, heading up an incident response team, or discussing market trends, Adrian has covered much of the security spectrum. In his current role as an industry analyst, he writes and researches extensively about the security industry. He also gets to talk to lots of people in the industry on a regular basis, blogs and can be found stirring up trouble on Twitter as @sawaba.

Adrian is an expert at failing miserably. He was a terrible wrestler in high school, was never great at math and is mediocre at best with a clarinet. His attempts at web design were so bad thatArchive.org has received several requests urging them to remove entries from the Wayback Machine. He’s never had a cavity, but one of his teeth is made of porcelain. He is still sad about the demise of BeOS and refuses to sell his large collection of vintage game consoles. He once had a ‘volume malfunction’ on-stage in front of 4000 people. The only patent he’s ever applied for was for CAT5 cables with edible shielding. It was not granted. He's double-jointed, but you’ll have to buy him a drink to find out where.

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